The photography of Hill and Adamson

"Facing the light the photography of Hill and Adamson" is a book by Sara Stevenson. It's not a new publication or anything like that, in fact I stumbled on the work of Hill and Adamson in one of those random click bate ads on Facebook recently. 

The photos were amazing and they fit in perfectly with what I'm trying to do on paper. It's funny how it just landed on my lap in the way it did, I suspect a clever marketeer knew I had been searching for Victorian photography!

Looking for source material online has been leaving me a little jaded, nothing has really grabbed me in terms of subject matter or style. I simply didn't know what I was looking for.

When the Hill & Adamson photographs popped up they had something natural, everyday and whimsical about them. 

Snapshots of a world lost in time.

My plan is to explore this universe of the past meets the future, not an original concept but a fun one for sure. 

I have started work on some new pieces inspired by the book. Here are a couple of snap shots of the work in progress

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Hill and adamson
victorian steam punk work in progress

If you are interested in the book you can buy it here