The art of finding things

I’ve just stumbled on something new, I love it when that happens.

The beauty of it is that it's not really new...

It all started on a recent trip to Deal to see some mates and hang out on the beach, swim in the sea and, as usual, drink some beers.

Along the beach there is of course a peer with a café at the end. There is a lot of concrete, a lot of pebbles, old buildings, rusty boats and new boats.

There are new bars, shops and restaurants but there are also the old ones.

It may have been a little cloudy at times but it's still a really picturesque place and it's by the sea which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Freshly made for you on a cloudy day

Freshly made for you on a cloudy day

There is a real sense that Deal is a place moving into the future via the past.

Along the sea front there are old fisherman sheds, old boats and boat engines. It was the engines that peaked my interest.

Straight away I realised this was the next step! I love rust and decay, it can bring something mechanical and man-made back to nature

I assume this is an old boat engine, I never found out in the end but straight away I knew this would be an awesome project. It's got that diesel punk quality. I love how wonky it is, the detail in the speckled, chipped metal, there is so much character.

Anyway I managed to bottle up my enthusiasm for the rest of the weekend and you'll be pleased to know we all got hammered and jumped in the sea the next morning.

A few weeks later...

It took a little while but I finally started the piece a couple of weeks ago.

The idea was clear in my mind, humanise the engine and put it in a suit. Simple.


Really happy with how this first one has come out and I'm really looking forward to carry on with this idea, I just need to find more old bits of mechanical rubbish to photograph. Maybe I should find a scrapyard somewhere? I'm open to suggestions...

You can see Machinehead and some of my other "portraits" at the Constant Circles 2nd Birthday Music and Art showcase at Factory Fifteen in Elephant and Castle, south London.

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The photography of Hill and Adamson

"Facing the light the photography of Hill and Adamson" is a book by Sara Stevenson. It's not a new publication or anything like that, in fact I stumbled on the work of Hill and Adamson in one of those random click bate ads on Facebook recently. 

The photos were amazing and they fit in perfectly with what I'm trying to do on paper. It's funny how it just landed on my lap in the way it did, I suspect a clever marketeer knew I had been searching for Victorian photography!

Looking for source material online has been leaving me a little jaded, nothing has really grabbed me in terms of subject matter or style. I simply didn't know what I was looking for.

When the Hill & Adamson photographs popped up they had something natural, everyday and whimsical about them. 

Snapshots of a world lost in time.

My plan is to explore this universe of the past meets the future, not an original concept but a fun one for sure. 

I have started work on some new pieces inspired by the book. Here are a couple of snap shots of the work in progress

Check out my Instagram Feed for more work based on Victorian portraits and all of my other work too. 

Hill and adamson
victorian steam punk work in progress

If you are interested in the book you can buy it here