Going back to Berlin (this time with some art)

I am pleased to announce that will be coming to Berlin on the 29th September for a little one off event!

My good friend Fairy has this amazing little boutique salon, The Banana’d Bouffant in Kruezberg. The space is frankly, amazing.

I have been a staunch supporter of her decorating efforts since I first saw the place in March last year.

Funnily enough I have had ideas about displaying some artwork in a salon or barbers for a while now, partly because I love drawing beards and hair, but also, they are pretty cool, social spaces.

Fairy’s beautiful space is not just a salon but a real creative space, constantly evolving into wherever her vivid imagination takes it.

Fairy doing her thing...

Fairy doing her thing...

The Banana'd Bouffant in full swing

The Banana'd Bouffant in full swing

So what to expect?

Here’s the blurb:

This will be our second after a successful beginning last time!
Big ups to all those that came and got stuck in!! 

If you missed it.. do read on

What does this mean
i hear you ask??

We'll make you outrageously party ready for your
evenings party shinanigans!! Myself and my team will be on hand to jazz that bouff and biodegradably glitterize your gorgeous visage - courtesy of Projekt Glitter.

yes BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER!!! Essential for any conscience raver!! 

It's also the return of THE SHOP BANANA...(if you come here to get your
bouff seen to, you'll know this has been some time in the making..)

...need that last minute Statement Headdress or some gorgeous Swimwear - Courtesy of Lala Land.
-Jewellery by Kristen, Siouxie and Polly Playford.

...maybe you're desperately in need of A
Haggered and Badgered Tail and Headress.....then you're in luck!!! 

Slide on down, sip on a gin n juice. Feeling brave... maybe some FairyJuice or a beer to some suitably fluffy beats brought to you by our beloved Mr Scones others tbc...keep your bananas peeled!! 

We also have my dear friend Mr Jonny Lawrence in the Haus
His art work is incredibly imaginative, detailed beyond belief with beautifully crafted stories of his characters.. he's only in town for this so don't miss out meeting this absolute talent!! 
Take a Look for yourself!! 

The event is free but the space is small so if you would like to attend and get glittered, see some art and maybe get drunk with me and Fairy then please click attending on the Facebook event.

bananad bouffant party.jpg