Artists to follow on Instagram - Jared muralt

Jared Muralt is an artist with some of the most lovingly crafted, richly detailed sketchbooks I have seen on Instagram. 

He is a hugely gifted illustrator from Switzerland and seems to specialise in the use of fine liners.

I have collected a few of his instagram posts for this blog, comments attached are Jared's.

Muralt's work has a classic European feel, reminiscent of Serge mixed with Jean Giraud.

I also see a bit of Miyazaki when I look at the more imaginative qualities of his work, the studio Ghibli vibe...

There are giant fish and floating ships, surreal landscapes and floating heads but the people feel very real and the buildings are perfectly drawn (architecturally speaking).

A sense that Jared Muralt really understands proportions is quite evident in the way he shapes his characters.

Like all great comic book artists, he pays particular attention to scale and composition, creating vibrant worlds that feel lived in.

I love looking through his feed, absorbing the information that leaps out from the screen or from the pages of his many wondrous sketchbooks.

These are the sort of sketchbooks you dream about creating.

Confident studies of people, plants, animals and buildings combined with silky smooth handwriting.

I love his shading, cross-hatching, different sized lines and shapes but all used sparingly so as to not overwhelm the white space.

In fact, it is the white space that you come to appreciate when looking at his black and white work.

It always amazes me how suggesting shade or detail with the simplest of marks leads to such depth and character.

Jared Muralt is able to use precision with an unforgiving medium. Look at the way he illustrates the captain below.

The weight of line is really well executed. I love the way he uses the tight cross-hatching on the overcoat and hat, then leaves the face looser, more dots and thinly placed marks and with plenty of white.

The face tells his story.

At first glance it looks like a very detailed and intricate piece but if you analyse the work you find that it is more about interesting proportion and well-placed shading, particularly in capturing the essence of the character in his facial features.

I like the way Muralt has drawn The Captain's beard as well, the space around the edges is a really nice touch and he only uses fine detail of the beard hair at the top where it meets the bottom lip and the chin, the rest is again just clever marks.

As an illustrator this is really wonderful stuff to look at and analyse because it shows the value of study, repetition and also of where to use lots of detail, where to suggest detail and where to leave white space.

Take this sketchbook image on the left.

It's a wonderful mixture of well drawn figures in various situations as well as some weirder, hard to explain stuff. 

I've always loved creating work that overlaps and crowds, particularly in sketchbooks.

His landscapes are are also beautifully drawn. They look as though they have been lived in and studied. 

He picks out areas of detail, of light and shade so delicately, this is an artist who spends his time enjoying his surroundings and recording them on the page.

His sketchbooks are available to buy here along with other publications and prints. 

I would thoroughly recommend the sketchbooks if you are an illustrator or even just an art lover.

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