Raymond Lemstra - Japanese inspired art

I first stumbled across Raymond Lemstra's work 2 or 3 years ago on instagram. I don't exactly remember how I was introduced to his work, whether it was via NoBrow press's feed or if it was just a suggestion while browsing but whatever it was it stood out.

A mixture of classical anime styling with a European twist, his work is mostly character based but he also plays with comical, surreal scenes. Japanese humour seeps into his pictures, in the shading, the abstract shapes and the facial expressions on show.


Check out some of his "Crumbs". These characters are created using balls of clay and other inanimate materials which he then sketches, paying particular attention to the intricacies caused by the play of the light on the various textures he moulds.

I would count Raymond as one of my biggest contemporary influences. I've read in interviews that he enjoys the monotony of creating such detailed pieces, something I relate to completely.


There's nothing better than letting loose on the page, painstakingly producing line after line, not quite knowing where the finish line is. It's about getting lost in the work, which you absolutely get not only drawing an intricate piece, but by looking at it. You get that in droves with Raymond Lemstra.

Visit his website here