SCB Below The Line Goes Public

Comrades, SCB's Below The Line EP has now been released to the populous. We estimate fifty years until fully operational.

If you are reading this you have succeeded in passing initial genetic barometer.

Please follow our instructions - Proceed to the links below for addition purchase of 4 track SCB approved sound files. Caution, these are not Government approved, listen at your own risk.

We believe in strong leadership, for the good of the people. Our candidate has revolutionary ideas, we are preparing him for the next step - He will reach the population from the ground up. He is one of the people, one of you. Do not be fooled by the things you read about him.

The cities are suffocating, we have the answers. Follow us.


SCB - Below The Line Artwork

A few weeks ago I was asked to get involved in an exciting new project from Dj and producer Scuba, creating the artwork for SCB.

Scuba, real name Paul Rose, is famous for his highly regarded Hotflush record label, a former Berghain resident and a Fabric regular, he is an artist who is always moving forward creatively. 

His SCB alias was coming back with an idea that included a dystopian narrative, touching on prevalent themes like climate change and overpopulation. 

Rose says about the project:

"Like many people, I've spent a lot of time this year thinking about the paths we could be headed down over the next few decades, many of which seem to point to catastrophic scenarios in society and the environment which were unthinkable until very recently." 

"One of the things that interests me the most is considering the journey of consciousness that leads people down paths which subvert their own previously held political morality."

"Musically, this has been a slightly different way of working for me, but it's also been one of the few positive ways I've found to channel my attempts to make sense of our recent past and possible future."

The music is more industrial, with a dystopian aesthetic. It has a dark future quality to it, you can almost hear it echoing inside turbine halls and factories.

I was into it from the start, both from a sonic point of view and from the ideas Scuba had for the story.

We started with a photo shoot, which gave me some reference material to base the main character on.

This character, although loosely based on scuba, is not him. This man is a number, a victim of a system which punishes the wrong genetic code with forced labour and persecution.


Dark vision


He lives in a world where the cities heave under the weight of overpopulation. There isn’t enough to go around, poverty is growing. 

The world chokes from the fumes of high rise factories and industrial technologies. 

Fossil fuels have not run out, the companies that extract them thrive, this world has never made the transition to renewable energy.

Capitalism spirals out of control, selling things the people can’t afford, creating debt and fear.

I wanted the artwork for this EP to introduce this underground dissident and a little of the world he inhabits.

The focus is on him, a mysterious character with an industrial past who has ideas of how to turn the tide, how to “fix” the world.

It’s up to you how you interpret him and what his ideas may be and I look forward to developing this character and his dark future over the next few SCB releases.

You can listen to Below the line here